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A SolShare solar system is a communal solar system, bought into by you and like-minded neighbours who want to be rewarded with the numerous benefits of solar energy: cheaper electricity bills, reduced carbon footprint, energy independence, and increased apartment value.

The SolShare makes sure that each connected apartment receives the same amount of solar each month, but it supplies it when you need it, maximising your savings. This optimised but equal sharing means that you will receive up to 35% more solar than if you bought your own individual system, reducing your payback time. Another benefit is that it’s installed alongside your existing electricity meter infrastructure, so you retain the right to choose your energy retailer.You also don’t need everyone to sign up, so you can bypass any naysayers.

Allume Energy have created the SolShare
⏤⏤ solar for apartments is finally possible!




Rooftop solar energy saves on both your electricity bill and your impact on the environment.


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With electricity prices doubling in the past 10 years, there’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy. Allume’s SolShare is the solution to installing solar on apartment buildings and commercial buildings where multiple units share a common roof.


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The SolShare means that for the first time, apartments and businesses can enjoy the benefits of free solar energy being generated on your roof.

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